Simple Tips to make money from your Website / Blog

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Friends Wanna share you something,,,, There're some people claiming the Alternates of Google, I've 5 years of Experience in BLogging, According to me,,,, I din't find any Alternate (more good output) of Google.
Some Tips

If you've not any Adsense account even receiving enough visitors then obviously you're missing something that Google wants. But inspite of that you can earn from your website by using the following ways, even I din't consider them the real alternate of Adsense but you can earn handsome amount.
1) Use Fiver and Get Direct Advertising Clients and work on daily, weekly monthly and yearly basis and make them your permanent client by providing them good services with enough sincerity.
(I tried on most of my Blogs, got enough Orders who want to put Ads on my site, Mostly worked on weekly and monthly basis - Maximum Earning (400$ a month)

2) The 2nd way which i want to share just depends upon your Visitors quality and type of traffic. Like if u've a Blog on following Niches

Books, Movies, TV Shows, Online TV and blah blah where you can't get approval of any advertising agency like Adsense, you can put Sale Base Advertisements like i did.. Drag real traffic from any source and help them to get sales, you will get very good commission for selling their products.. Like and blah blah... I tried many networks and got success but i'll suggest you the above given .....

And Ad-center is very good network... Sometime i use to get 43$ commission on a single sale and 've about 20-30K visitors on Movies blog and got 20-25 sales a day. Alhamdulillah...

Try it once guys ;) In Sha ALlah you'll get your destination ;)

Hope it will help you IN REAL.... :)

How to add Google Translator Widget in Blogger?

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What is Google Translator?

Google Translator (Widget) is online website Translation which is use to translate the opened website in your required language. It is very simple and reliable tool to translate the website in your language. Today I am going to show you "How to add Google Translator Widget in Blogger?". If you want to add Google Translator Widget in your website then please follow easy steps below.

Step 1

Goto your Blogger Account and open the blog you want to update

Step 2

Goto the Layout Button, (see the left sidebar as shown below in Pictures)

Step 3

Add a Gadget where you want to add the Google Translator

Step 4

After Adding the Google Translator, change the settings as per you want and save it. Open the Blog and let your visitors to read your Blog in their language.
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How to add Simple Google+ button in Blogger?

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What is Google+?

Google+ is a Social Network provided by Google Inc. It has a great increment in users which also increasing day by day. As we know that Google is serving everywhere on Internet in everything so Google+ is more reliable there as compared to other platforms like Facebook and twitter, take as an Example, if you integrate Google+ with Blogger, then It will automatically show your updated posts on your Google+ profile. There are many other amazing features of Google+ which others don't have, I'll surely discuss in my next posts but today my Topic is "How to add Simple Google+ button in Blogger?" mostly known as "+1 Button". Just follow the simple steps below to know how to add +1 button in Blogger.

How to add +1 Button in Blogger?

Step 1

Goto your Blogger account, Sign In to your Blogger and chose the blog in which you want to add +1 button.

Step 2

Click on Layout in left sidebar, as described below in Picture.

Step 3

Now click on "Add a Gadget" where you want to add the gadget.

Step 4

As this +1 Button widget has given officially by Blogger so you can find easily in the list as given below. Click on that

Step 5

After opening the widget you can configure your +1 Button as you wish according to your Blog.

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How to make schedule Posts on Facebook Page?

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Dear Friends, Welcome to DNT to learn new tips, tricks everyday. Today I am going to show you "How to make schedule Posts on Facebook Page?" which fulfil our basic and biggest need. Schedule posting will surely save our time and an Automatic function will be helpful for us. Schedule Posting is tool to make posts before time and Schedule it to be posted on specific time. The below tutorial will help you to find out this amazing and helpful Facebook trick. For this purpose you don't have any need of external Software or Application, whereas its Facebook's trick in front but we don't know where it is. See below, let it Explore...

Step 1

First Sign In to your Facebook account and access the page you are managing / you want to schedule.

Step 2

Goto updating area, where you use to make posts, updates etc and Click on the small time button as shown in Picture below.

Facebook Schedule Post option for Facebook Page

Step 3

Write the Status / upload Picture or any post you wanna make and then Schedule the time (The specific time) on which you want the page to be updated automatically. I.e; I made the schedule for an update on my Facebook Page, specified the time 9th of the November 2013 on 07:00. It'll be updated automatically whereas my Laptop is off and I am sleeping :).

Facebook Schedule Post option for Facebook Page

Step 4

Now click on Schedule to let the post rely on Facebook. Now your Facebook Page will be updated automatically on the time you specified.
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Note : Your time must be the accurate the standard time according to you Place.

How to Install Custom templates in Blogger?

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Dear Friends our Today's topic is "How to Install Custom templates in Blogger?".
Premium/Custom Blogger templates are beautifully designed templates offered by different companies or developers to explore the Blogger Platform, make it possible to be a beautiful and easy corporate solutions and enhance the Blogging Interests in Blogger.

Custom Templates in Blogger
Are you also bored from the Previous Blogger templates too much simple, no more customize-able? Are you seeking for Customized and Beautiful Blogger templates then you came to the right Place.

Today, I will
    1. Teach you, How to Install Custom Templates in Blogger
Lets Start and Follow me Step By Step

    1. Download Custom Templates designed By ChirpingBlog,
    2. Extract the Template in the specified folder
    3. Now, Signin to the Blogger Dashboard and Choose the Blog you want to update
    4. Now goto the Template Section and Click on the Backup/Restore option
    5. After this, you have to Upload the template which you have saved in you Computer. Now upload the XML file and click on Upload. You did it.....

    Now the Blogger Platform has no hold on your Template in case of making changes in your template. You can't change its width, height, Footer, header etc.. but you have to edit it HTML which is not so difficult.
      Now Your Blog is looking more beautiful as compared to before....
      If you want to download my template then SEO enabled Blogger Template. Just you have to make changes in its Layout settings and your Blog will be pumped to Beautiful Look and Fully SEO enabled environment. Enjoy it 

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      How to add Google Analytic in Blogger?

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      Google Analytic

      Google Analytic is a tool and served by Google which helps to track, to keep an eye on your every visitor. It is easily usable in every platform either Blogger, Wordpress or any language like PHP, Html etc...
      You can track any visitor's Live location, see that which page is being visited, know the time which your user have spent on your Website which will be very useful for your marketing campaigns.

      You can analyse the

        1. Bounce rate
        2. Traffic Sources
        3. Location
        4. Active session
        5. Either the Visitor is returning or unique
        6. To which page he moves to
        7. How much time he/she is spending
        8. Total Visitors per day
        9. Total page views per day
      The above given basic introduction about Google Analytic. It has many advanced functions like Google Adsense integration, Google Adwords integration etc.

      How to add Google Analytic in Blogger?

      If you want to add Google Analytic in Blogger then Please follow me Step By Step with pictures references.
        1. Goto here > Google Analytics
        2. Now create an account there by clicking on Sign Up
        3. After Signup, copy the code as given in picture

        4. Now go to Blogger dashboard
        5. Go to Blogger>> Settings>> Others

        6. Paste the copied code as give in Picture below
      Congratulations you can see your visitor live every time. :)

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      How to change Post Publishing date in Blogger?

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      How to change Post Publishing date in Blogger?

      When you publish any Post then Blogger automatic set it to the default date. If you want to change your Post publishing date then Please follow me below Step By Step with beautiful picture reference.

        1. Go to your Blogger dashboard and Login
        2. Now Click on the Blog you want to update
        3. Click on the Posts as shown in below Picture

        4. After this, edit your desired post as shown in below Picture

        5. And now Click on Published on, located at right sidebar and Set
      Congratulations you achieved your Goals :) :) :)
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